Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm

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Tel: +358 (9) 310 890 95.




Malminkaari 24

00730 Helsinki

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At Fallkulla, you can familiarise yourself with traditional domestic farm animals: sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, ducks, hens, rabbits and horses. Many of our animals are of a traditional stock that is native to Finland.

Come and visit

Fallkulla is a popular travel destination, especially among families. Each year, Fallkulla is visited by over 60,000 people. Make sure to check our opening hours during school holidays.

Opening hours for the public until 6.5.18: open Wednesday to Friday 10-18 and Sundays 10-15.


Fallkulla is open in summer everyday 10-15.
Our café is open summer everyday 10-15.
Please follow these Fallkulla rules during your visit:

• Do not enter animal pens or enclosures

• Do not feed the animals without permission

Book group visits in advance

Fallkulla is a popular destination for excursions. We are visited by all kinds of groups every day, from the elderly to animal-lovers, from day care centres and schools. Always book group visits in advance by calling (+358) 09-310 89095. The best time to reach us is Wed-Fri, from 13:00 to 14:00.

Fallkulla for the youth

The Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm is a youth centre of City of Helsinki.  At Fallkulla, 9-17-year-old young people can carry out farm work, take care of animals and try their hand at yard work, gardening or various handicrafts. Activities are free of charge. To take part in the activities, you will need the free Youth Services membership card, which you can obtain at Fallkulla.


6 kommenttia kirjoitukseen ”Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm

  1. regina sanoo:

    Hello, is there any entrance fee to visit? We have 3 small kids and would love to, but want to check about fees.

    Thank you

    • henna sanoo:

      Hello, visiting is free for families. Only groups (over 8 people) have to pay. Welcome!

  2. Lucy sanoo:

    Hi there,

    We are visiting next month. How far is it from Helsinki? What is the best way to travel there on train/bus?

    • henna sanoo:

      Hi, we are located in North Helsinki, Tapanila. Best way is to take the train from Helsinki Centrum to Tapanila station. From there it is about 10 munutes walk.

  3. MK sanoo:

    Hi! Are fleeces from the sheep ever available for sale to handspinners?


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